No-Code Workflow Analytics

Do your individual processes run across multiple softwares? We combine these silos to show end-to-end performance.

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Step 1

Integrate + model existing workflows

In order to optimize operations, it is important to first understand the current state of functioning.

  • Drag and drop process modeling

  • One click integrations

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Step 2

Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies

By analyzing the flow of live processes, we identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies before they disrupt your operations

  • Automated process mining

  • Alerts and incident handling

  • Leading indicators of inefficiencies

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Step 3

Optimize processes

Based on identified inefficiencies, iterate on processes collaboratively to reach optimal functioning

  • Identify where you teams are understaffed

  • Identify where you teams are overstaffed because of needless manual tasks

  • No more asking people to “make a report on process X”

  • Make processes efficient so that you have happy customers AND employees

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increase in process efficiency

120 hrs

of manual tasks per person per year prevented

Use Cases

Track and iterate on cross-functional processes

Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding involves several steps outside of the CRM on tools like Asana, Stripe and Slack. Takt syncs these silos to give visibility and optimizes the process.

Customer onboarding times reduced from 5 days to 2 days

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes involve collaboration between the customer support (Zendesk) and engineering (Notion). Takt syncs these silos to give visibility and show capacity constraints

Showed a need for hiring engineers and reduced open tickets by 75%


Sales involves several steps across accounting, legal and finance teams. Takt syncs these silos to give visibility and shortens sales cycle timelines

Showed employee inefficiency and reduced sales cycles from 22 days to 14 days.


Upsell opportunities require instantaneous response. Takt syncs these silos to give visibility.

Sent instant alerts and improved close rates from 20% to 85%

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