Shared Spaces for customers and internal teams

Hit 120%+ NRR by making collaborative processes, such as onboarding, structured and streamlined

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Wait, What is a Shared Space?

It is an embeddable portal that enables internal teams to interact with customers in-product

Reach your customers in your product’s environment

No more shared Google Sheets, unmanageable Slack threads or emails that never get seen.

Always have contextualized customer interactions

One click integrations with your CRM and Support tools

How does it work?

Connect your data sources

Use our one-click Integrations to connect your CRM and Support tools


Create a shared space in Sero

Create a shared space for a specific customer in Sero & add users to it via email

Embed the shared space in your frontend

Either embed the shared space in-product using an iframe, or share a magic link with your customers. Customize the theme to your style guide


Done! Interact with customers directly in-product

Internal teams interface with Sero on the backend while customers interact with your team directly within your product

Supercharge your customer interactions

Track and iterate on cross-functional processes

Onboardings are the most crucial part of a customer’s journey since this is where they either see value OR, if not, churn in the next cycle. They are notoriously long drawn due to the constant back and forth required and poor onboardings account for ~40% of the churn.

Fear not, shared spaces are most powerful during onboardings. They help minimize onboarding timelines and gets customers to value faster by creating 100% transparency between the onboarding team and customer.

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Being able to collect feedback from users for feature requests and bugs is important in order to ensure not just “happy accounts” but rather happy users.

Making sure this feedback can easily be given in-product is key. Feedback collection ensures you have individual feedback but also that you see a bird’s-eye view

Create an open channel of communication throughout your customer’s journey

Documenting customer goals and internal commitments is critical. Sales teams often extend themselves but making sure there is complete transparency internally and externally is imperative to maintain trust.

Success plans are where internal teams and customers can collaborate to always stay on the same page. Best yet, no more Google Sheets or Notion or Slack messages. Everything in-product.

Never face issues of false expectation setting again.

Get to 120%+ NRR

in product
Engaged customers that derive value from the product
Lower Churn
Increased NRR
Consolidation of CRM, support
and success data
Internal teams, on the same page
Targeted and
timely outreach to customers
Greater Revenue / CSM

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