Customer Onboarding for B2B SaaS.

Project management that enables the leading customer success and implementation teams to rapidly onboard customers at scale.

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Collaborate with customers like never before. Rapidly deliver value.

Spreadsheets, email, clunky project management tools, etc. are the old and inefficient way of onboarding customers. Now you can give them the feel of a high-touch experience at scale.

Simple Customer View
Give your customers the simplest interface to collaborate. Skip the learning curve of other tools.
Easy Customer Access
Share passwordless magic links with customers or embed us in your product. Make access just a click away!
Task Types
Create specialized tasks for forms, call scheduling, file uploads, training, subtasks, and more.
Task Dependencies
Ensure tasks launch as per a sequence. Prevent customers from getting overwhelmed.

Gain clarity on your pipeline. Always have the answers.

You've done the hard work of closing a customer. Don't let them fall through the cracks! Easily surface the key data points that show you where you need to focus.

"How much revenue is still stuck in Kickoff?"
"Which customers are in Data Migration? How long have they been there for?"
"How much progress did we make with Tesla since last week?"
"What do we need to do to bring this onboarding on track?"
"Which customers are behind schedule?"
"How many onboardings is Dwight running? Which ones is he behind on?"
"How many customers are going live in the next 2 weeks?"
"Where did we get stuck with Stripe's onboarding? Who was the bottleneck?"

Automate trainings, follow-ups & a lot more..

Create a consistent experience for your customers. Automate repetitive tasks so your team can focus on value added tasks.

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Training Paths
Create custom training paths that enable customers to adopt quickly. Track their progress over time.
AI Powered Emails
Automate emails for project updates, newly assigned tasks & follow-ups on overdue tasks.
CRM Sync
Launch projects automatically when deals are closed. Always keep your CRM in sync with project progress.
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Slack Actions
Receive critical alerts, view project updates & reply to customers directly from Slack.
Repeatable Templates
Utilize battle tested templates for customers in different segments. Save time & ensure consistency.
Weekly Reports
Receive key weekly reports every Monday. Understand how to prioritize your week.
Rapidly onboard customers at scale. Start today.
Convert customer onboardings into a competitive advantage.
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