Launch customers On time, every time

Scale onboardings & implementations with seamless collaboration between customers and internal teams.
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Why focus on launch time?
Reduce Churn, Reduce Costs
Customers that launch on time are less likely to churn + cost less to onboard.
Why Sero?
Visibility Means No Customer Surprises
Eliminate customer surprises and proactively manage project risks
"Are my customers on track?"

If you cannot answer the question, you cannot scale.

  • Be notified of delays in customer launch times
  • Surface root causes of delays
  • Establish success plans to bring customers back on track
  • Stay on top of projects with weekly progress reports
Collaboration Through Shared Spaces
Make it as simple as possible to collaborate with customers
Embed Sero in your Product

  • Give customers access to their onboarding directly in your product
  • Skip the learning curve of third party tools
  • Style to your design
Scalability through Repeatability
Leverage templates & automations to run processes on repeat
Automate best practices
  • Capture stages, tasks and subtasks in project templates
  • Reactivate customers with AI powered follow-up emails
  • Launch projects in Sero via CRM triggers
What Our Customers Say

"Before using Sero, I couldn't tell you where a customer's onboarding was. Now, I know exactly how ahead or behind schedule each customer is and where resources need to be focused. The best part is how simple it is for my customers to use!"

Akshat Thirani
CEO of Amper
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