Hit 120%+ NRR with Sero’s world class embeddable onboarding

No more third party tools or ineffective product tours. Build rich onboardings with embeddable shared spaces.

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Make your product your onboarding tool

      of churn is caused by poor onboardings.

Point being? Your product needs to create world-class customer onboardings. Onboardings that require customers to leave your product rarely work at scale.

Onboard using Shared Spaces

4-easy steps, minimum engineering time

Connect your data sources

Use our one-click Integrations to connect your CRM and Support tools


Create a shared space in Sero

Create a shared space for a specific customer in Sero & add users to it via email

Embed the shared space in your frontend

Customers interact with your team directly within your product. No more juggling multiple applications.

Create a seamless experience by customizing the embed to your style guide!


Done! Ready to launch onboardings!

Internal teams interface with Sero on the backend while customers are in-product.

White glove and structured onboardings at scale!

Structure built for complex onboardings

Track and iterate on cross-functional processes


Journeys are where you define the tasks to be completed by internal teams and your customer’s users.

Tasks can have dependencies, internal-only visibility, issue flagging, approvals, and a lot more...


Create complex templates with tasks assigned to personas, not users. When launching, dynamically assign tasks. Mix of structure & flexibility!

CRM Triggers

Let deals won on your CRM trigger journeys! Create a repeatable process with zero lag so that customers see value much faster.

Approvals & Issues

Onboardings are chaotic. Bring order to the chaos by creating approvals to confirm critical tasks are done well and issues for when problems arise.

Analytics for continuous improvement

Optimize your onboarding process over time, with continuous monitoring

Track and iterate on cross-functional processes

Crush your onboarding KPIs

Create evangelists, not customers

Ready to hit 120%+ in NRR?

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