Introducing Sero

The problem that got us EXCITED!

You're a B2B tech company. You've built an awesome product that can create serious value for your customers. However, your customer was never setup well and the product that you have given blood, sweat and tears for never even got the chance. Sound familiar?

The industry average for churn that can be attributed to poor onboardings is an estimated 40% 🤯

These can be caused by internal issues (poor sales-to-CS handoff, lack of clarity cause of multiple tools, etc.) or customer issues (buyer and implementer incentives differ, poor time management, etc.). Depending on the type of issues, your onboardings fall into 1 of 4 situations

Even if things are functioning perfectly internally (big if!), a majority of your onboardings will go poorly. Your customer not being prepared for the onboarding, a huge cause for poor onboardings, is why onboardings rarely go as per plan. Worst yet, customer issues are out of your hands. Right? No, the devil is in the details.

The real issue is that companies build onboardings around ideal customers. Throw a mix of Google Sheets + Notion + email + Slack at a tech savvy and organized customer and they will crush it. Try the same with the average customer and it all comes crumbling down.

Based on customer interviews, a shocking 65%+ of companies use 4+ tools during onboarding 🙄

What have we built?

We have converted the best parts of task management, sheets, customer analytics, and email into one tool & integrated with your CRM and support tools!

"Ok, but there are so many onboarding tools out there. How is this different?"

We have brought this onboarding tool into your product as an embed! Best part yet, you can style it to your design system making it indistinguishable from the rest of your app. Internal teams interact with Sero on the backend and users interact with your product! Engineering just adds a few lines of code and your non-technical team creates the ultimate user experience.

Ready to increase NRR to 120%+?

We have analyzed TONS of onboardings! We’d love to analyze your onboarding process and actually show you what it would look like on Sero! All at no cost.

Free consultation + white glove setup on Sero.

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